Monday, March 25, 2019

Emma & AJ | Couples Graduation and Engagement Session | Lost Dutchman State Park

A little less than four years ago, these two met in the very first weeks of them BOTH starting dental school together! It didn't take them many weeks into that first year to realize that they had a thing for each other! Now, four years later they are not only engaged but also moving to Wisconsin to work together as DENTISTS! Now that all the exams are passed, there's just one month left until graduation, and these two wanted to do a desert engagement session to document their time here! They also wanted to throw in a few minutes of graduation robe photos too! I love how relaxed and fun these two were!  They really are as adorable in person as they look in these photos! And, since it was a cloudy day in AZ (we've had a lot more here lately than usual!) we were able to do the mountains in the background nearly the whole time! If you've never been to the Lost Dutchman State Park, it's a must see while in the Phoenix area! Hope you enjoy! Now to keep counting down the days until my hubs graduates with them too! ASDOH class of 2019!! Woot! Woot! It's about time! :) 

P.S. After their session, I have to say, I'm a HUGE fan of couples graduation photos! They made those robes look so cute!



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