Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween! | Personal Post | Arizona Photographer |

Happy Halloween sweet friends! I wanted to share a few pics of our Halloween festivities this year!

We're big fans of Halloween in this family--probably because my birthday is in October and I just like celebrating my whole birthday month! So dressing up for Halloween is a must! ;)

We asked Colbie a few months back what she wanted to be for Halloween, and the first thing she said was "a unicorn"! So I looked for inspiration on Pinterest, got a little crafty, ordered some things from Amazon, and what you see above is the creation! However, after I got her whole costume ordered, she changed her mind on me and said she wanted to be a tiger!

Sorry girlfriend. No can do ;) I don't have that kind of cash to buy two costumes, thank you! :)

It only took a few youtube unicorn makeup tutorials and a couple practice rounds to convince her to be a unicorn again, and she was hooked!

This girl is soooooo girly! She would do makeup all day, 24/7 if she could! We watched so many unicorn makeup tutorials just because she wouldn't let me stop! But I wouldn't change a thing about her!

We had so much fun! With a huge celebration at Jake's dental school, a masquerade ball, a church Halloween party, a playgroup party, and a friend's party we've been partying like no other this last week! No complaints here!

I've probably washed her costume 6 times with all the cupcakes, candy dribble, and who knows what else from all these Halloween parties. Haha, keeping a three year old clean is TOUGH!

Anyway, I'll let the pictures do all the talking! Some are iphone pics, so considered yourself warned ;)

 Colbie's first time wearing her costume! She was really feeling the hair and makeup! Haha :)

 Colbie LOOOVES Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell and facepainting!
 I can't get over this picture! She saw Cinderella do her arm pose and she brought her hand up to pose too!
 She cried so hard when her face gems fell off! She tried not to let the tears flow because she didn't want to ruin her makeup! I couldn't help but laugh!
 And then we all dressed up as unicorns for our church party! I threw together my husband's hat right before we went! I'm sure he's always dreamed of being a unicorn for Halloween! ;) Still so proud of him for wearing it all night!

 Our first Masquerade Ball! Colbie's jaw dropped when she heard we were going to a ball! Her sweet babysitter played "fairytale ball" with her while we were gone. We had a super fun time! The ball was to help support hurricane relief. We went with a couple sweet friends who made the night so fun!

 Colbie's playgroup party!! So many kiddos! We love this crew! Sad that we couldn't have all our little playgroup friends, but so grateful we were able to keep up our annual tradition!

 I tell Colbie to smile for the camera and she starts whipping out dance moves.
 Seriously, this girl has skills!

 They painted pumpkins and decorated cookies! Then they just played and played until everyone started melting down, haha. Then we knew it was lunch time and nap time. :) We adults love playgroup....and the adult conversations we get to have at them, haha :)

Last but not least! We decorated pumpkins today at our two parties! Can you tell Colbie loves kitty cats? She wants one so bad! Unfortunately the hubs is allergic! We'll just have to settle for a cute little doggy someday! :)

Thanks for checking in! Hope you all have a fun Halloween!



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