Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Personal Post | Unicorn Pool Fun

Okay, before I start, just believe me, I have not stopped giggling since last night when we took these photos! It only got worse when I finally got them edited, haha. My husband kept saying, you guys are ridiculous while he was laughing with me!

It was so fun!!

Okay, so maybe I should explain how this all started? Haha, I don't even know, but it's probably because with all this Arizona heat, we've been getting a bit of cabin fever! We love going to the pool and playing with friends, but we are so ready for cooler weather and parks.....but we're still a few months away from that even now! The cabin fever, and maybe I've been getting a bit of an itch to branch out and do something super fun and creative!

Also, our sweet friends are moving away today! I would be crying right now if it wasn't for these ridiculously hilarious pictures! Please make sure you see the ones of Nicole and me. Oh boy, still wondering why I'm posting these on the internet. :)

When dental school started (for the hubs) I was sure it was going to take forever to get through, and I could never see the end! Now though, some of our sweet Physical Therapy friends (their program is only 2 years + 1 year of rotations) are leaving for rotations and it feels like it's ending so fast! We have made some of the best friends at this point in life! I keep thinking of that country song "You're going to miss this, you're going to want this back." Yes, yes I am! At least to keep my sweet friends close that is!

Anyway, Nicole and her cute family are moving away to Washington for a year and we decided to have a little play date photoshoot with them before they left!

Who said saying goodbye couldn't be fun? Well, at least it's only goodbye for now :) We still have some adventures planned ahead with each other yet!

Did I expect to hop on a unicorn with Nicole when I planned this shoot? No, no I did not. Was it as fun as the pictures? Yaaaaassss!!! Even more so! Especially when we accidentally flipped! So much for the attempt at cute hair :)

Anyway, Monday we decided to do this shoot for our little ones, so we overnighted a unicorn, bought some cute sunglasses, made our "pineapple drinks" and headbands, and made plans!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as me! Pretty sure a few will make my living room gallery wall, haha. They just make me laugh so much when I see them, and who doesn't want more laughter in their life? :)

And lastly, seriously toying with the idea of doing mini sessions with this bad boy (unicorn)--could totally see some silly mommy and me's, best friend sessions, and little one sessions, haha :)

 A little secret! We found these plastic pineapples at the dollar store, spray painted them gold, and glued these straws on. They made the perfect props!

 OH. MY. GOODNESS. This girl!! She seriously has me wrapped around her little finger with these pictures! It may have taken some serious frozen yogurt bribes to get her to pose so much for me, haha, but it was so worth it! I will love these forever! .......and that's exactly what I told my husband when he wondered how this giant unicorn floatie showed up in our house ;) haha, whoops :)

 Oh miss Clara!! We will miss you!!!

 Seeing Colbie with her friends melts my heart!!! We have had the best play group these past 2 years!

 Haha, Oh Colbie!!

 Can they please stay this sweet and cute forever?!!

And now for just a few mommy and me's!!

And we couldn't let the shoot end before we both had a chance to hop on! You can thank Nicole for these hilarious pictures! It was her idea! :) Also, props to my little sis for these awesome shots!

 Guys, seriously it was such a party! have no idea how many people we did these in front of! I did a ton of quick photoshop to edit a few of them out! :)

 Annnnnd, this was a real fall, haha. Haha, dying!

 Some behind the scenes of our cute girlies getting some swim time in while we played!
 I knew I should have ordered the 9 foot long unicorn!

 Totally putting this as Nicole's Caller ID ;)

 Yep...That's us! Two wedding professionals! ;) haha. We promise, we're more coordinated on land ;)
 And to finish off! Just a few quick shots of my darling little sister!! It's been so fun having her on summer break! We have had a party!!

 Plus, she looks stinkin darling in these pictures!!

That's all for now sweet friends! Hope you enjoyed a little of our summer cabin fever craziness! We sure did! We'll be sure to cherish these photos forever! :) Now....just to find a place to store this giant unicorn in our house ;)



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