Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Megan + Kelvin || Dreamy South Mountain Engagement Session

"As a family took their picture in front of the majestic backdrop, Kelvin dropped to one knee in his gas station sweat pants, tears in his eyes and asked Megan to marry him."

Last week, Arizona hit some of it's highest temperatures that it's seen this year! Approaching 120 degrees most days! As we planned Megan's and Kelvin's engagement session, we knew it was going to be hot! So we did what any sane person would do and planned a sunrise engagement session! Well, turns out with travel time and hair and makeup appointments, our little sunrise shoot turned into waking up at 3 AM for Megan and 4 AM for me! But, I have to say, it was completely worth it!

When we got there, we ended up shooting at a little different spot on the mountain than I had previously planned. Things look a little different at 5 AM! The light was just pure magic as it danced on the rocks and mountains behind them! And then we ventured down to scorpion gulch which is the skeleton of what used to be home/store once upon a time!

I asked Megan to write up part of her story to share! And this is where that first quote is going to make sense! Haha, I couldn't help but highlight my favorite line!

Kelvin and Megan met in sunny Arizona in 2010 after both moving from their Midwest hometowns for jobs and adventure. Kelvin swept Megan off of her feet after offering to buy her a cocktail at their favorite watering hole. As fate would have it that same night Megan lost her cell phone. This left what seemed to be no option for further communication between the two. However that didn't stop Kelvin. Smitten and determined he sent Megan "smoke signals", better known as Facebook messages, and arranged to take her on their first date to an Arizona Cardinals football game. After that as they say, the rest was history! Now after a few job changes, two dogs, countless Big Ten filled Saturdays, the purchase of their first home, and seven years later they have planned to finally tie the knot! The couple feels that after attending 35+ weddings over the last couple of years that they are now more than prepared to have their own! 

The proposal took place on the couple's trip to the Grand Canyon. It only took Kelvin seven years! To make it to the Grand Canyon that is… Kelvin had arranged for a helicopter tour. You may assume that Megan had to know something was up for Kelvin to plan such an extravagant outing. On the contrary Megan had purchased the helicopter tour a year earlier under Kelvin's name at a silent auction benefiting the Arizona Humane Society. Kelvin was less than thrilled with the big-ticket purchase and after seeing that the voucher was about to expire, he planned the excursion. To top it all off the couple made a pit stop at a gas station on the way up. While in the restroom Kelvin decided he should stretch out to prepare for his upcoming big moment and in the process split his pants. He ended up having to buy a pair of sweatpants from the convenient store to continue their trip. Following the helicopter ride the couple drove into the park to get another look at one of the wonders of the world. As a family took their picture in front of the majestic backdrop, Kelvin dropped to one knee in his gas station sweat pants, tears in his eyes and asked Megan to marry him. 

I'm so grateful I get to have these two as one of my couples, and so lucky they found me! They are so fun, adventurous, and have the biggest hearts! I can't wait for their wedding next year at the Paseo! But for now, just enjoy these pictures! Despite the heat, this is one of my favorite engagement sessions to date! Megan did amazing pulling their outfits together, and they both brought the love!



Dress: Lulus
Hair: Hair Motty

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