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Nichole + Cameron || 7th Grade Love Story || Arizona Wedding Photographer

I was lucky enough to have this sweet couple in front of my camera last week! And what's even better? I get to have them in front of my camera again next week at their wedding!!

I feel so connected to these two because of how similar their story is to mine and my husband's. I feel for them and the journey they've been through and know the inexplicable joy they are feeling now! They were sweet enough to write out their love story for me to share!

Nichole's Story:

"Cameron and I met when we were in 7th grade together, it was not love at first sight. Cameron thought I was stuck up because I was quiet (I was just really shy) and I thought Cameron was overly confident in himself. Half way into the school year our Lit Comp. teacher assigned us seats next to each other and that’s when everything changed. Cameron became my best friend in that class, he made me laugh when I was sad and I looked forward to being around him every day. Christmas break was when I realized I wanted to date Cameron because I actually wanted to be back in school rather than vacationing just so I could talk to him.

Our school had students clean up the cafeteria after lunch, Jan. 9th was my day to help clean, while I was cleaning my friends went against my will and talked to Cameron to find out if he liked me. Before music class I went up to Cameron like I normally had and he awkwardly told me to talk to my friends I was so afraid he found out I liked him, but he wasn’t interested and wanted my friends to break the news, that class felt like it was hours long! After class I found out that my friends asked Cameron if he liked me and he said yes! I quickly told Cameron I liked him too and that was it, we were officially dating.

Cameron and I were just 12 and 13 when we started dating so we had lots of ups and downs, but I’m thankful that we have been able to grow together and share so many moments. I love that Cameron will be my first date and my last. Cameron and I also found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints together and we were both eventually baptized.

On December 26th of 2014 Cameron and I took our first road trip together. We drove up to Prescott because that’s where my family has spent many weekends and stopped by all of my favorite places; we looked at tiny house options, had lunch at Apple Pan and even went to a pet store. For dinner Cameron drove to a campsite at Wolf Creek, we walked up a hill and watched the sunset before we ate, I was sure he would ask me then because all during high school I told him he should propose at sunset on top of a mountain and he was saying all the right things, but the sunset and still no proposal. We cooked dinner over a tiny fire and stove then walked back down lay on top of the car and look at the stars, because it was only 20 degrees out I was complaining quite a bit about being so cold. As we looked up at the sky Cameron gave me a note he had written page by page just like we were in school again once I finished reading the note we looked back to the stars and saw a shooting star, then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with my great grandma’s ring.

January 20th Cameron received his call to the Greece, Athens mission. I was terrified to have my best friend gone, we had been doing long distance for 9 months, but we still took turns flying to visit each other I couldn’t imagine not talking to him every day. April 9th I told Cameron see you later and began the longest wait of my life. I never thought about how much Cameron would grow in two years and that every second apart would be worth it. Cameron returned honorably April 6th of 2017 as the man Heavenly Father designed him to be and I will forever be grateful that he chose to sacrifice that time.

On May 5th we are going be sealed in the Gilbert Temple and begin the next chapter of our life. I’m thankful for Cameron every day, I hope that we can embrace the journey of life together and always remember to focus on the positive. Whenever I am with Cameron I am at home, I know that he is the man I supposed to marry and I’m looking forward to going through life with my best friend." 

Cameron's Story:

"Nichole and I met in seventh grade but we didn't particularly like eachother when we first met. We were put into the same classes so we were together all day. For the first semester we didn't really pay any attention to eachother. During the middle of the school year we were paired together for a project that everyone in our class had to do. After winter break we basically began flirting and liking eachother while working on our project together and then before we knew it we were "going out". But we didn't really go out on dates until later. Anyways, we started hanging out with eachother at school and were enjoying being in the same class. We eventually got to know eachother's family and personalities and the days became months and the months became years and our relationship grew stronger and we were more in love. High school was kind of a testing period for our relationship, almost entirely because of me, but like a tree that gets stronger when the wind tries to blow it down, our relationship was stronger after every trial. After high school we got into "life". College, work and for me, preparing for a mission. Ten months before I left for my mission I moved out to west Chicago where my dad and grandparents, who are members of the church, lived, and Nichole stayed in Arizona. At the time I thought of it like a test of faith and a test drive for my real mission. I thought that if we had enough grit to get through that period, we would make it through my mission. I used that time as a time to prepare more fully for my mission and to work and save money. Six months before leaving I came out to Arizona to visit family and Nichole over Christmas. The day after Christmas we visited Prescott for the day and I asked Nichole to marry me. It was one of my favorite days together. Eventually the time came for me to serve a mission and I was off to the England MTC. I was sad to leave Nichole but I knew that serving a mission is the priviledge and duty of men who hold the priesthood. I knew also that Nichole would be faithful no matter what, so with her support and faith in the Savior I served happily."  



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