Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kristine and Dave || Lost Dutchman Engagement Session || Phoenix Wedding Photographer

These two beautiful humans are getting married next month! We just had their engagement session Saturday night, but because they're getting married so soon, I wanted to whip out their pictures really quick!

A friend of mine visited me last week and we were talking about my little one and her spunky attitude. She said that when her daughter was growing up she was just darling and just a beautiful little girl. My friend would always say to her daughter,  "it's more important to have a beautiful heart than a beautiful face."

I loved that, and really want to help teach my daughter to have a beautiful heart. Anyway, it's really funny that I bring that up now in this post, but I just feel like these two are such beautiful people on the outside but they have completely beautiful hearts on the inside.

When I first met these two, we actually met at a park! Kristine has a little one and so we set up a little play date while we discussed their wedding! Kristine blew me away with how much she had followed me and knew about me. It made me feel so happy and humbled that she valued both me and my work, and I could tell, right from the start that she was exactly my type of bride!

Kristine showed up to the engagement session dressed perfectly! She had poured over my bridal guide and knew exactly what to look for when choosing outfits! And we had so much fun at this shoot! Kristine and Dave just went for it the whole time and it was so cute to watch them interact, act silly, fake laugh awkwardly to where it turned into a real laugh, and to just have fun with this time they had together!

I really could not have asked for a sweeter couple! I can't wait for their wedding next month!

Last thing! At the beginning of the shoot we got to take a few family pictures with Kristine's daughter! She is absolutely darling! You'll find those pictures at the bottom!!

I was obsessed with her ring!!

I only got stuck by the cactus twice getting this shot, haha ;)

 Oh, and don't forget Inu the dog. Which is funny to say because Dave told me that Inu means dog in Japanese, haha :)



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