Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Marquette + Cameron | 10 Year Anniversary

This last month has been a little crazy! It started with my husband taking his dental school boards (he passed!!!!!!!) followed by a 20 hour car drive with a toddler. We made several stops along the way to visit with family, celebrate the 4th of July, hike, and bike. This month even included a solo flight for me down to AZ to do a wedding, and then shortly after flying to LA to catch a cruise with my hubby! But I'll write more about that later!

I felt like I played this whole last month! Now we just have one more week of crazy before it's back to Arizona, the heat, and most importantly my own our friends!

Many things didn't go quite as planned, but one thing that did go as planned (and that we had been secretly planning for months and months!) was meeting up with one of my dearest friends, Marquette. She is a very talented photographer, super mommy of two, incredibly creative being (I don't know if there is anyone more so out there than her), and, fun fact for you all, the person who introduced me to my very first camera and got me interested in photography in the first place! (She even let me help her shoot a wedding just 3 months after I got my first camera! I've been an addict---to both photography and photographing weddings since!)

I feel so privileged to have been asked to photograph this beautiful 10 year anniversary photo session for Cameron and Marquette. It's crazy how fast time flies.

My husband told me about a bumper sticker the other day that I fell in love with as soon as I heard it, and as I'm writing about these two, I can't help but share it.

"I thought growing old with you would take longer."

Isn't that beautiful? Time flies when you're having fun with the one you love. Cameron and Marquette are perfect examples of this. (Except they aren't quite to the old stage yet :))

Every bit of this styled anniversary session had so much meaning to it. And what I absolutely loved about the whole thing was that Cameron was just as involved in the planning process as Marquette. He had things that were special to him that he wanted and made sure Marquette knew.

I'll talk about more of the details as we go through the pictures, but one last thing I wanted to focus on. The location.

Hidden off the back roads of Ashton, Idaho there is this perfect spot on the Snake River called Henry's Fork where rock has formed just perfect for walking, playing, and fishing. Many years ago, Cameron's grandfather worked as the water master and spent a lot of time at this part of the river. For many years he took his children and grandchildren there to play, show them the water systems, and talk about the gospel. He was born near there and died near there. With that being such a special place to Cameron's family, they knew that was the exact spot they wanted to share these moments at.

I love how meaningful and special this shoot was! It will be one they show their children and grandchildren. I hope you both love the pictures! I'm so honored you asked me to be the one to document it! Love you both!

 SOMETHING NEW: She ordered her gorgeous dress from a little place in China. She was nervous, but the workmanship was gorgeous! I love that she chose this gorgeous soft pink color!

 SOMETHING BLUE: Marquette's ring is so beautiful, simple, and unique! You can't tell too much from the pictures, but there is a small part where the stone is damaged. Marquette absolutely refuses to let Cameron replace neither the stone or the ring. She says, "My tanzanite wedding ring. It's chipped now and Cameron offered to get me a new one, but I won't hear of it. This is my wedding ring. It's chipped now, but it's the perfect representation of our marriage. It's not perfect. It's not pristine. But it's beautiful. It's weathered all sorts of experiences. It's hung on through ups and downs. It is chipped, but I think it's beautiful, and will wear it always."

 SOMETHING OLD: Marquette wore this Black Hills Gold necklace gotten while they were on their honeymoon. "My necklace: Black Hills Gold necklace that Cameron bought for me while we were on our Honeymoon. We went to mexico to try and find him a silver ring, but never found him one there. So after crossing back across the border we stopped in at Walmart to get some food and supplies before heading back into the mountains and stopped at the jewelry counter just for fun and ended up getting him a black hills gold ring, and he got me this black hills gold earring and necklace set. "

 SOMETHING BORROWED: Urban Decay lipstick from her cousin Emily (who'll you'll see more of below!)

So, one thing that you need to know. Crazy talented people like Marquette, often attract other crazy talented people as their friends! One other thing you need to know. Marquette is one half of the dynamic duo that is PINSTROSITY. If you haven't heard of them you are missing out! Pinstrosity is a blog that regular people can send pictures of their Pinterest fails in to be highlighted. They usually take it a step further and help you figure out how to not make it a Pinstrosity. (Other random fact: I heard about Pinstrosity at a work meeting in Utah long before I even met Marquette! Crazy!)

Well, the other half of the dynamic Pinstrosity duo is the super talented Emily Goutcher of @vicarioushair! She drove all the way up from Logan, Utah to help Marquette do her hair and makeup. Her work was gorgeous! I'd heard so much about her, but I'm so glad I finally got to meet her in person!

 Oh, how I love this part!!

 Cameron was fishing when I got there! :)

 Their "first look!"

These two are perfect....in their perfect "weathered tanzanite ring" way. I'm so lucky to call them friends.



Dress: Click here

Shoes: Trends SNJ

Hair and Makeup: Emily Goutcher of @Vicarioushair

Florals: Marquette 

Floral Supplies: afloral.com or @afloral

Suit Jacket: U.S. Polo Assoc.

Vest: Cavani


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  1. Oh Trisha!! You brought my dream to life! These are so romantic and gorgeous. I love every single one of them! Picking just a few to print and hang up is going to be so hard. Thank you a million times over for helping us to create this memory and celebration. It means the world to us, and we already treasure these!

  2. Oh these turned out so perfect! I love them all. Happy anniversary sis!

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