Friday, November 22, 2013

Gender Reveal!

I guess today....well technically Wednesday was the day.... Sorry everyone, I've been lazy and haven't posted yet.

It's gender reveal time!!

On Wednesday we went to the OBGYN and got an ultrasound done. Jake and I were both pretty nervous, but giddy with excitement. It was a shock to see just how much our little one has grown since the 9 week ultrasound. (We're at 21 weeks now!) I'm sure I annoyed the ultra sound tech with my little squeals of excitement and "trying to be funny" nervous comments. Our baby sure is a wiggly one--frustrating the ultrasound tech with all its moving around.

Baby's head! Lookin' good!

Two moments really stand out to me from the experience.

1) Seeing our baby grab it's toes with it's hands and kicking at the "camera". It just made my heart melt!

2) Sneaking a peak and Jake and seeing him inch closer and closer to the screen with nervous excitement and happiness emanating from his face, and then him turning to me with his cute and nervous "we're going to be parents" smile.

I'm sure this sounds all so cheesy, but that was such a beautiful moment, kind of like earlier this week when Jake felt the baby move for the very first time. This little baby has stolen our hearts already.

So you ready to find out what it is?

Here's a riddle :)

In mommy's belly I will grow
Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes
Some don't know what my gender will be
Although you might already see
Guess if I'm a girl or boy
I'm sure either way, you'll jump for joy
Read this riddle with great care
Look really close, but please don't share!

(I can't take credit for the :))

21 Weeks

They gave us lots of pictures :)

It's a girl!! 

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